Opportunity squandered

I SUPPORT the views expressed by David Moore, chairman of The Horsham Society, on housing that local people can afford (County Times April 26). I believe his views are shared by the majority of local people.

We do not wish to see developers continuing to build luxury homes while reneging on obligations to build affordable homes.

I was therefore shocked and angry to see that planning permission has been granted for the Stane Street development in Billingshurst for 14 rather than 16 homes thus avoiding the obligation to build affordable housing.

According to your article, councillor Brian Donnelly applauded the generous spacing of the development and the 32 car parking spaces for 14 houses. Surely our councillors should be standing up for the needs of local people and ensuring that affordable houses are built or at the very least insisting on payment in lieu.

It appears that in this case another opportunity to provide affordable housing has been squandered by our councillors.


Rushams Road, Horsham