Olympic euphoria is dissipating

There has been much talk about sporting legacy and ensuring the next generation take on further education or training to develop skills that this country needs.

I may have been naive in believing that my children would simply commit to the high level of debt in order to do this through the loans available and never actually checking the amounts offered.

UCAS advised that tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses etc would be sorted by making applications but when you actually look at the figures for the maintenance loan the maximum you can take out is £3,575.

This does not even cover the basic level of accommodation for 42 weeks and we are not talking inner London prices, let alone food to eat, travel. We have been used to financing sporting prowess in the past, kit, fees, chauffeuring etc, just as we heard from our Olympic stars and their families, as our children moved through the levels to seek to achieve potential national standards but how can this continue when all of us are struggling to make ends meet and decisions have to be made as to whether or not we can finance higher education let alone continuing to play a sport at a higher level and all that entails.

My euphoria after the Olympics has certainly now dissipated and the legacy for us seems to be sleepless nights trying to find a solution.

Nobody ever said there would not be sacrifices to be made as parents but talented students, whether academically or vocationally, who do not have access to additional wealth will need to be very careful when making their life choices and priorities as will whichever Government is in power if we are to have a lasting legacy that allows GB to compete on all the world wide stages.


Smithbarn, Horsham