Obey the law and be patient

AS A SEASONED commuter, I walked to Horsham’s Littlehaven railway station on September 19 to catch the 10.03 train with perfect timing - ie the amber lights illuminated just as I passed the telephone box.

On passing the bicycle racks I saw a Vauxhall Zafira and then a VW Transporter van pass over the level crossing towards Horsham, ignoring the red lights which had been flashing for several seconds.

Only the delay by the crossing-keeper in closing the gates avoided a collision. Commuters have a hard enough life as it is, without suffering delays caused by irresponsible drivers who are not prepared to obey the law and wait a few minutes.

Please drivers - if you are that impatient, please use North Heath Lane and Parsonage Road (at no more than 30mph of course). Just remember what happened to the driver of the car which struck the level crossing gates in January 2011; he wrecked his car and lost his licence. Only his pride was hurt, but it could have been so much worse.


Shottermill, Horsham