Notice would be a good idea

Recently the potholes in Emms Lane were likened to ‘The Scream’ – and well I might have been reduced to screaming as I waited for the bus in Emms Lane on June 13.

A large notice had been erected at the other end of the lane, half a mile from the bus stop, stating roadworks would commence on June 9, then it was altered to June 12, then further altered to June 20.

I had a dental appointment on June 13, so waited at the bus stop for the 12.03 bus. Traffic was flowing in both directions, so I had no reason to think the road was closed when I saw the Hazel and Jeffery lorry sweeping the verges prior to repair.

The Hazel and Jeffery Highways Maintenance vehicle drove past me three times, not a word about the bus not coming round Emms Lane that morning.

Did the driver think I was sitting there admiring the view? At 12.20 a driver of a van stopped and informed me that the bus had been diverted.

I could not wait another two hours for the next bus – I could not cancel my dental appointment without a cancellation fee.

Luckily my dear brother-in-law came to my rescue and drove me into Horsham.

Maybe a notice at the bus stop would have been a good idea!


Emms Lane, Brooks Green, Horsham