‘None of the above’

I HAVE just spent some time reading through the material on the HDC website about the proposals for Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and then logged on to register my vote.

The true nature of this ‘consultation process’ was then revealed. I cannot vote for my preferred option of the nine put forward by the consultants appointed by the council.

They’ve reduced my choice to four which all involve, would you believe it, the demolition of the BBHLC! Call me a cynic but when they meet on June 25 to consider their voters’ responses, I can almost hear now the council announcing the people of Horsham voted for BBHLC’s demolition. How easy to steer a process to the answer you want if you set it up with that in mind!

It is obvious that our councillors are not interested in meaningful consultation and continue to hold their electorate in contempt; they decided long ago they are selling off the leisure centre and think this veneer of listening will quell the anger unleashed on them last autumn.

I so hope the people of Horsham have the stamina to continue their opposition to the plan.

The argument from the consultants and their sponsors is based on a fallacy of logic- BBHLC must be replaced! Why? Why knock down a site that gives almost all that is needed to the thousands of its users in these financially strapped times?

Why not spend a bit of money to spruce it up, money that hasn’t been spent in many, many years and has set the centre up for the ‘unfit for purpose’ argument.

The answer is clear - in order that the council can realise the value of a prime piece of land, replace BBHLC with the minimum they think they can get away with politically and pocket the remaining cash.

My vote in this ‘consultation process’ was for ‘none of the above’. I do hope they will introduce that option on our next local election ballot paper!


Croft Way, Horsham