No need for resignation calls

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WHILE I find Cllr Brown’s comments really silly there is no need for him to resign or for people like Messrs Hide and Holmes to call for him to do so.

All I can say is thank God the Conservatives are in control of County Hall. If Labour’s time in government is anything to go by and Labour were in control at County Hall then all the employees would be facing the sack.

I think though its time for all senior managers at County Hall and on the District Council to take a large pay cut. They are paid too much and this cannot be sustained. If the Conservatives are serious about making savings then they could start there. Councillors might also look at their own expenses and remuneration at the same time with a view to cutting back.

Another area where money can be saved is by not handing out bus passes to those who do not need them. Like the 26 year old woman who could get more healthy exercise by walking. Instead she rides the bus all day long five days a week even though she signs on as available for work and has turned down employment. Or the 40 year old on income support with a bus pass who could work for a living but prefers to stay on benefits and also rides the bus most of the day and spends large amount of her benefits on scratch cards.

Is David Cameron really serious about tackling the long term out of work, or is it yet another smokescreen to shut us all up? I still see the same faces signing on the dole month after month and year after year (some as long as 15 years without a job) yet nothing is happening to get them back into work. The Conservatives need to get a real grip on waste. Lets see some action in Horsham because seeing is believing.


Bethune Road, Horsham