No compassion in Billingshurst

How I agree with the thoughts and anger of John Hooker in last week’s letters page.

I also had a clear out and went to the Charity Shop in Jengers Mead, Billingshurst, and parked outside only to have taken one load to the shop and on return saw the parking attendant already writing out a ticket.

I explained that I had needed to drop off items and then I intended to pay for parking (which I subsequently did) as I needed a hair cut and go to the bank.

To no avail - there was no compassion at all and this was the week prior to Christmas.

I appealed my fine and in my letter I did send the cheque as it doubles unless paid by a certain time.

All they did was to pay my cheque straight in and whilst I received a letter from them it could in no way be described as a reply as they did not answer any of the points I raised.

I am aware that our MP has been involved in this parking situation but he needs to be much more active and on top of the situation or as John Hooker suggests we should all take our unwanted items to the skip.

What a sad situation.

Peter Gooch

Bridge Road, Rudgwick