New supermarket is good for village

How refreshing it was to read the ‘We want Waitrose’ letter from Terry Pigott in your edition of November 15. It can only be good for Storrington to have a really viable and modern supermarket right in its centre and to replace the existing very drab set of buildings that are there. Pulborough, just up the road, does not have this, effectively having two supermarkets away from its traditional shopping street and that is clearly struggling as a result of this.

To survive as a community, we need a successful and vibrant shopping area where people do not have to go elsewhere to shop. This Waitrose extension will bring more footfall to the village centre and more business to the other shops.

Yet again, unfortunately, we have in the same edition yet another long letter from Jenny Powell. This lady has, as far as one can tell, zero experience of the economics of running a supermarket or building a store but clearly knows best!

This letter, bizarre in its use of language - ‘the revered store’ we presume means Waitrose, for example - is pompous and patronising. The correspondence and tactics of this SOS organised campaign against Waitrose in Storrington have become tedious in the extreme. They think they live in a picture-postcard village rather than, what is judged by any reasonable standard, a small market town that has long served both its own immediate community and that of a wider area.

Apparently now, however, according to SOS, anyone not actually living in Storrington is unwelcome since they come by car - I wonder if the traders endorse that line?

Some of the tactics used by this group in getting people, many of whom did not understand the purpose, to sign their (latest?) petition were in my view less than reasonable, but then SOS uses such signatures to claim some sort of legitimacy.

Though a self-appointed group, answering to no one, their legitimacy, according to to their comments in a recent article in your paper, is apparently much greater than that of people properly chosen by us to be our local councillors - such is the arrogance of SOS.

It is quite staggering that actually having stood in the car park and looked at Old Mill Square or wandered round the garage site on Old Mill Drive that anyone could think that there is something here that any rational person would want to keep. The only bright spot is in fact the existing Waitrose store!

These campaigners constantly ignore reality and act as though there is somewhere an organisation other than Waitrose that is going to come along and invest the sort of money required to get rid of these existing ugly, decaying buildings and would also be one that would do exactly what SOS wants.

I very much hope that Waitrose having endured this organised barrage of complaints will not pull up sticks and abandon us. If they did, we would all know who to blame!


Dean Way, Storrington