New store will not help community

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I think we can all agree that the old Silver Wok site is a pretty ghastly looking site and that something drastic needs to be done to improve it. However a Tesco’s is surely not the answer.

My main fear as I am sure most in the local community agree, is the danger to all users of this area that increased traffic poses. As any cyclist, pedestrian and car driver who uses St Leonard’s Road knows, the parked cars along the aforesaid road are a nightmare to negotiate, day and night.

Lorries delivering and customers parking is just going to add to the chaos. Yes, there is supposed to be a car park but what if it is full or that customers cannot be bothered to use it? Oh and by the way, what about the bus stop that is outside the site at present. That in itself causes a problem for those endeavouring to pull out of St Leonard’s onto the Brighton Road.

This proposed store is not for the local community. It is another money making venture for Tesco. The store will attract passers by and no doubt add to our litter problems.

However, my biggest fear is danger to life and that surely has to be a far more worthy consideration than the commercial interests of a supermarket chain?

Susan Jaggard

Ghyll Crescent, Horsham