‘New Roffey’ is now a priority

As a past chairman of North Horsham Parish Council, I would like to strongly support Roger Wilton’s letter about the Guinness Trust’s acquired site in the centre of Roffey. The delay and condition of it is simply unacceptable and action needs to be enforced as soon as possible.

The shopping centre at the heart of Roffey is second only to the main retail area of Horsham. It contains a good mix of convenience stores, good food outlets, with a post office and a bank. All are very well used and give an excellent service to local residents.

However, it could do with a make-over and the parish council had an exciting plan to refurbish the area, built around the existing shops as a central focus point. It included other leisure outlets and included possible areas of land close by, including that acquired by the Guinness Trust. This would take Roffey into the 21st century, and enhance the existing facilities.

The council had also considered improving parking and road access to counter the appalling existing experiment in traffic calming in the Crawley Road. However, it could only act as a facilitator and needed help from other authorities to proceed. Local district councillors were strongly supportive.

With the reluctance of the Guinness Trust to proceed, it would seem an ideal time to restart this idea, consult with local people and see if we can progress towards a new Roffey. After all, Roffey did exist before Horsham was thought of, so it should have some sort of priority!


Parish councillor, Haybarn Drive, Horsham