Negative impact of green bin charge

I write regarding the green waste bin charge. And! Those who register will be the ones who wouldn’t dump their stuff in the bins or by the road anyway so who will cover the cost of clearing up the anti-community beings who won’t follow the plan?

Membership stickers on bins! How many will disappear while we are out at work , how much will that cost to track or replace?

On principle or just from an inability to stretch family finances any further, there will be increased trips to recycling point, more traffic wear on the potholed roads and more air pollution in this area.

Afraid we will also no longer do the leaf clearing so necessary in this area to keep the pavements and roads safe, as well as the nuisance value on our property.

No more using our time and bin space plus trips to dump so presumably the road sweeper that so infrequently appears will have to be deployed more often which presumably will be more costly.

Seems a really good green solution overall then and a good long term proposal. NOT!


Smithbarn, Horsham