Must try harder

I APPLAUD the members of the public, as well as the many Horsham district councillors, whose protestations contributed to the cabinet rethink on the future of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre.

A new ‘state-of-the-art’ facility is promised by Jonathan Chowen.

Unfortunately, the resulting preferred Option 6 has reduced our current district facilities to village hall-style facilities, with a tiny gym and sports hall tacked onto a new bowls area.

There is no provision made for any kind of athletics, the indoor and outdoor tracks to be bulldozed. A fine legacy for Olympic year.

Considering the projected income of £20m from the combined sale of the bowling club, athletics track and leisure centre, £4.6m seems a pathetic attempt to appease Horsham district residents.

Telling us that it is a ‘21st century state-of-the-art’ facility will not fool us into believing it (and a corridor serving hatch does not constitute a cafe, Mr Chowen!).

Even if Option 9 were chosen, which is a complete new build of all existing facilities, there would still be £9.5m left to play with.

Good effort, Mr Chowen, but must try harder!


St Leonards Road, Horsham