Mr Circus is a bit of an anarchist

Anyone who thinks the Conservatives lack compassion has only to look at Philip Circus’ column in the County Times.

Tories may have to take hard decisions to cut money going to the old, the sick and the disabled but they are genuinely fond of the tax dodger.

And obviously the way to stop the poor things dodging tax is to cut the tax. Thus a government hell-bent on ‘deficit reduction’ still spares a thought for the rich and generously gives them tax cuts.

But does Circus’ idea go far enough? Surely by his logic we should leave our homes unlocked so there is less housebreaking, perhaps give goods away from shops to discourage shoplifters, and abolish speed limits so there is no more speeding.

Mr Circus is a bit of an anarchist on the quiet isn’t he.


Giblets Lane, Horsham