More treat than trick

REFERRING to the letter published last week from Michael Insull, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Horsham I apologise for inadvertently mis-spelling the word ‘Sorcerer’ as an answer in this year’s Trick or Treat Shop Competition - totally my fault I’m afraid.

However, the main purpose of this response is to correct the impression given by Mr Insull that the Trick or Treat Competition is funded by local tax payers. In fact the competition is completely organised by the Rotary Club, with Horsham District Council helping us by including the event in their festival publicity.

The event aims to be a win-win for all parties. Local children and their mums get a fun activity for the half term holidays, and in the process get a few ‘treats’ and can win £40.

Shopkeepers, who fund the event by paying £30 to participate, get an influx of visitors to their stores (from which the whole town actually benefits as quite a lot of families from outside Horsham participate); and the Rotary Club makes a net profit of about £600 which is donated to local good causes as part of our ‘making a difference to Horsham’ campaign. It does not cost the taxpayer a single penny.

It also appears that the children are much better at spelling than yours truly, as having had a quick glance through the hundreds of entry forms, they mainly spelt it correctly!


Rotary Club of Horsham

Greens Lane, Mannings Heath