More to be done helping world’s poor

MANY readers will have been pleased that Horsham MP Francis Maude wrote about how to ‘change the lives of the world’s poor’ (County Times Horsham edition, July 28); also to have read on the following page about an amount raised for Christian Aid in Christian Aid Week.

It is good to know that that money, like that raised by the Global Poverty Action Fund, to which Francis Maude referred, will help the world’s poor.

But there is more to be done, and what I read on Christian Aid’s website makes me wonder if Francis Maude will return to this subject: Recently ‘David Cameron announced that he supported proposed EU legislation that would require oil, gas and coal companies to reveal the taxes and fees paid to governments in every country where they operate...

‘The European proposals... represent a significant first step towards greater transparency which is crucial in tackling corruption and tax-dodging’.

On another page we read, ‘A global culture of financial secrecy allows some unscrupulous firms to dodge tax and rob poor countries of more than $160bn a year’.

The G20 meeting in France in November will give those meeting a further opportunity to act. The website invites us to take action.


Church Road, Horsham