More public transport - not less

WEST Sussex County Council should rethink its proposals on cuts to bus services. While the car will be the mode of travel for most for many years to come we have to move towards greater not less use of public transport.

Use of bus services has been growing; changes should not be made that put this growth at risk. Any cuts would be short-sighted given the community’s longer term needs.

The county council must also consider its duty to the people of the district. Not everyone has access to a car. Many people need public transport as part of their everyday life; to access facilities, to go to work and to stay in touch with friends and family.

Within the Horsham District Community Partnership (HDCP) I have a responsibility for leading on transport issues. Every four months I and colleagues meet with the bus operators and do what we can working together to address issues and improve services.

However the views expressed here are my personal views. Please let’s not put the progress made at risk.


North Street, Horsham

Editor’s note: Dr Holmes is Lib Dem district councillor for Horsham Park Ward, but has asked the County Times to make clear that he has written this letter in his non-political role as a member of HDCP.