More homes will have to be built

IN LAST week’s issue Mr George Tribe took issue with the Horsham Society’s support for a new market town and accused us of naivety.

Nobody can seriously believe that it will not be necessary to build more houses in the period up to 2026.

The argument for a new town is that it could be planned as a sustainable community which is both attractive to live in and takes some of the pressure off developments in existing settlements.

He is right is saying that a town of 10,000 homes would not be completely self sufficient but has quoted selectively from the Hearn report commissioned jointly by Crawley, Mid Sussex and HDC.

Hearn’s solution is a polycentric settlement model which would view a new market town together with Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath.

In this way, Hearn suggests, it could act as a conduit for regeneration.

Furthermore, Hearn was tasked with examining the case for a settlement of 10,000 homes but, depending on location, it could be larger.

We are not so naïve to believe this is a complete solution.

But, leaving aside arguments over the precise number of new homes that will be needed, a new town could reduce by at least 10,000 the number that would have to be bolted on to existing settlements – an approach which we believe is both unpopular and can unbalance communities.


Horsham Society

Old Denne Gardens, Horsham