Moral relativism

I was very interested to read Philip Circus’ letter on Moral Relativism, to which was also added a wonderful picture of a great old man, Leo Tolstoy.

Mr Circus ended his letter with

Tolstoy’s wise words, I quote ‘Everyone thinks the world needs changing, but no one thinks of changing himself’. Mr Circus speaks of a ‘crisis of morality and no sense of personal responsibility’.

We are all very clever at justifying ourselves and justifying our actions. If we could contemplate for a moment that another extremely wise man sat down to write his memoirs and experiences of life calling his book ‘Ecclesiastes’ and in his final chapter he summed up the whole duty of man, I quote ‘Fear God, keep His commandments, for God shall bring every work into judgement with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil’.

To follow the highest good in morality would be to follow the Man from Nazareth who has made the deepest impression in changing lives and changing mankind.


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