Money trumps sport again?

With Team GB’s success at the Olympics there is the chance to motivate thousands to take up sport and also a strong media and public demand for a legacy to be left.

Britain is no longer broken and getting everyone playing sport is what our politicians now say, sportingly forgetting that they have been sanctioning the selling off of playing fields for years.

Meanwhile in Horsham, your front page ‘Land sell-off’ story (Horsham edition August 2) includes the fact that a recreation centre with a gym and a sport field are being sold off for housing development at Novartis.

At Holbrook Club half a mile away, Horsham FC-owned football pitches are also likely to be sold off for houses.

Will money trump sport every time?

Or in this enlightened and golden moment, will our local planning authorities insist whatever development they agree to, or condition they seek to impose on a detailed planning permission, they insist it includes sport and leisure facilities?


Ramsey Close, Horsham