Missing meaning

I READ with interest the letter headed “Junk is recycled” from Ray Battersby. I do not always agree with my friend Ray but I usually have no difficulty in understanding him.

Not so on this occasion. He dismisses the coalition and maintains that only one party in the UK proposes a growth driven economic model. Unfortunately he does not say which party that is – is it UKIP, or Greens or even the BNP? How do we know whom to vote for?

On a separate point, in the sports section there is a report about the always entertaining summer events at Arundel Castle headlined “Castle raises the drawbridge” on the 2011 season.

I have always understood that if a castle raises the drawbridge it does so to keep people out. It lowers the drawbridge to let people in, enabling them to cross it and enter the castle. Very odd. Is this just another example of poor English or have I missed something?


Swallowfield Close, Mannings Heath