Messy matters

IF THE public has heeded the drought advice regarding reducing water consumption, less water will flow in the drains/sewers and thereby there is an increased risk of blockage.

Design factors for drainage/sewerage are size (for the number and types of property) and the fall or gradient. This ensures that, under normal weather conditions and carefree household water usage, a drainage system is self-cleansing.

Unless you want to discover, most inconveniently as I did three days before Easter, that my drain was blocked solid, it would be advisable to occasionally check that water in waste gullies and ground floor toilets is not backing up.

This particularly applies to older properties on the Weald clay that are most likely connected to the old, jointed clay pipe drains/sewers. With the contraction of the clay ground, the pipe joints are disturbed and snags produced.

I used to be a public health inspector / environmental health officer with Horsham District Council and dealt with such messy matters.


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