Mental torment of lives in circus

IT IS always a great disappointment to me that so many people either don’t know or don’t care about the degree of psychological depravation, mental torment and physical abuse that circus animals endure all their sad lives.

What you see going on in the ring is a momentary snapshot of their anguished lives and is, probably, the least of these tormented animals’ problems.

My plea to anyone who visits a circus performance is to do one simple test.

Mark that date in next year’s diary with the words “Remember the circus animals” then, on that day, reflect on all the freedom you have had meanwhile to go where you please, do what you want, eat and drink what and when you please, interact and socialise with fellow human beings, enjoy comfort, follow your instincts and enjoy freedom from pain, anguish and distress.

Then think of the animals’ last 365 days, constantly deprived of many of these basic needs that we enjoy most of the time, and the occasions when we may not be able to enjoy them are borne of necessity and not imposed upon us to entertain others.

To most, these sentient creatures are out of sight and out of mind.

The perpetual confinement and deprivation at all levels should beggar belief in this day and age and all for a few moments of superficial entertainment of the uncaring or ill informed.

Animals in circuses should be consigned to history with other disgraceful relics that we should be ashamed of in a caring society.

Please do the test, then if your conscience is clear that is a matter for you to live with.


Plovers Road, Horsham