Memories of ‘Disaster Year’

I found the County Times of October 18 particularly interesting for many reasons and because it brought back so many memories.

I was for eight years secretary to Joseph Podlasinski, the former MD of the paper, and in that position came into contact with the late Suzanne Green on many occasions. She loved the paper and was very strict about its content.

Every Friday a copy of the County Times was sent to her and one of my duties was to mark each article with the initials of the journalist responsible for it.

I am sure she would be very happy to know how much good was accomplished with her money.

On October 15, 1987 my husband and I flew on an early morning flight to Spain. Our journey was quite terrifyingly bumpy so much so that we had to wear our seatbelts for the whole time and we were told that no food or hot drinks would be served for fear of accidents.

The pilot informed us that the cloud cover was so dense it was impossible for him to fly either below or above it. We were immensely thankful to land safely not realising that this was obviously the forerunner of the Great Storm.

On the following morning we heard the news but it was impossible to get through to England to find out if we still had a house.

In addition, many people seem to have forgotten that on the following Monday – known as Black Monday, the Stock Market crashed.

Consequently, in addition to the worry about our home, we then had to worry about our possible loss of money and income. All in all, this was not the best of holidays.

Later on that year the County Times produced a very good supplement entitled ‘Disaster Year’ and I still have a pristine copy of it. It brings back many memories.


Conifers Close, Horsham