Measures to save our bees

The call by the European Commission to ban certain types of pesticides harmful to bees is welcome.

I have been calling on the Commission to take such action for almost two years, pointing to decline in local and European bee colonies.

While the Commission’s proposal is to be welcomed, it hasn’t been swift in coming. There is really is no plan B if our bees die out.

With food prices at an all-time high, bees are hugely important to our local rural economy and environment in the South and pollinate £100s of millions worth of crops across the UK.

I first called for action after visiting bee keepers in Rye in 2011. A campaign I started in the European Parliament obtained signatures but there is need for more action both here and at European level.

There is growing concern about the decline in the global bee population and it’s time further action was taken. Other EU countries like Germany have taken this precaution and so should we. Now the Commission has made this call it is up to the UK Government to take action to make sure this carried-out.


Labour MEP for the South East,

New Road, Rochester, Kent