Measures to prevent deaths

I am writing in response to your editorial following a number of serious incidents at Horsham’s Swan Walk car park.

Focusing on the issue of suicide can help if it brings the subject

into the public arena and reduces the taboo around it, and if sources of support are signposted for those who may need it.

However there is a danger that labelling places as suicide ‘hotspots’ may play a part in drawing more people to that location.

In recent months Samaritans has worked closely with the council, the police and other organisations to try to prevent suicide, including placing information at Swan Walk about Samaritans’ service.

Samaritans has been active in Horsham and Crawley for 40 years, providing a confidential and non-judgemental listening service.

Talking to Samaritans can help to relieve stress and can sometimes help people to start to see a way through their problems.

Talking can help to prevent suicide. Samaritans is available all day every day by telephone (01403 276276), text or email (

Callers can also visit our Centre in Denne Road (9am – 9pm, most days).

It can be very difficult to tell if someone is suicidal or depressed as people in crisis have unique feelings and react in different ways.

But if anyone is concerned about someone they know, please encourage them to seek help and talk to someone they trust – perhaps a friend, teacher, GP or Samaritans.


Director, Horsham and Crawley Samaritans, Denne Road, Horsham