Many thanks for marvellous event

I like many other dedicated (or mad) runners, ran the Barns Green Half Marathon on Sunday September 30. I had a wonderful time and beat my time from last year which was brilliant.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the army of volunteers that make the day happen.

The car parking attendants, the time keepers, the people at water stations, the villagers who stand outside there houses, the people at the finish line and all the people I have forgotten.

Everyone who helps is brilliant and may we see another fantastic 30 years of the event.

The only problem is I’m not sure I will be able to volunteer next year as I now seem to have become addicted to trying to beat my time from the previous year!

Thank you very much Barns Green, you certainly know how to stage a half marathon in style.


Shepherds Way, Horsham