Majority vote

IT WAS disappointing to read (June 16) that Mr Bull is not prepared to give the views of the people of Southwater any consideration.

I appreciate Mrs Vickers correcting a misrepresentation in that she did not say she was pleasantly surprised with Mr Bull she said she was extremely surprised at . . . Mr Bull should note that there is difference.

On other matters: I would like Mr Bull to say how he has dismissed some 1,700 of the votes cast in 2010 as not being registered electors within the village and thereby ignoring the other 2,300 votes. I just do not believe him. My wife visited many houses in this area collecting opinions.

She and many colleagues checked carefully and crossed out any persons not actually living within Southwater and they certainly did not still make a 40 per cent error.

I note at the meeting on June 14 the majority of the supporting 73 votes came via the Southwater Sports Club – doubtless Mr Bull will make note of the vested interest. I think that Mr Senneck should be allowed to speak for himself instead of having words being put into his mouth by Mr Bull.


Woodfield, Southwater