Luxury flats on public land

HORSHAM Labour Party, like district councillor Ian Howard, is ‘thrilled’ (County Times April 12, ‘Town’s new eco homes...’), by the completion of the new affordable housing development at the north end of New Street on land previously owned by West Sussex County Council.

We campaigned for affordable housing on this site as we believe that building social housing on land that we the tax payer already own is a no-brainer?

Mr Howard goes on to state that he is looking forward to the next successful partnership between Saxon Weald, Horsham District Council and West Sussex County Council.

Why then, Mr Howard did you not support Horsham Labour Party’s campaign to build a similar development on the Professional Centre, also owned by West Sussex County Council on the south end of Clarence Road?

This was another excellent opportunity to build affordable homes for local people. Perhaps you can explain why you along with every councillor who attended the planning meeting voted in favour of building luxury retirement flats on this publicly owned land?


Horsham Labour Party social housing campaigner

Clarence Road, Horsham