Lucky to expect only 140 houses?

I have to congratulate Liz Kitchen (Con, Colgate and Rusper) on her quotation printed in the County Times on her totally insensitive comment regarding a part of Sussex that is miles away from where she lives.

Why on earth are we lucky to be expecting ONLY 140 houses?

Why should we actually be subjected to any?

Certainly the Abingworth site is a mess, but how has the company that owned it been allowed to leave it in such a state?

And now the powers-that-be have decided to award Monaghans £3.75m so that they can invest money in their business, has the council added clauses to the effect that Monaghans have to maintain a business in Thakeham for a period of time in thanks for their reward? What happens when the mushroom business fails? Oh yes, we have another large site that will be ready for development.

The winners, Monaghans, the losers Thakeham, the baddies Horsham District Council.


Storrington Road, Thakeham