Lovely memories of Rydon school

Rydon is a fantastic school, my mother went there and she’s 70! I also went there, and I’m almost 50! My son went there too and we all have lovely memories from our times at Rydon.

My 10-year-old daughter started there last September and she loves it too! She has gone from quite a shy reserved child to an outgoing little chatterbox that has already made many new friends.

The headmistress is lovely and so enthusiastic, and she is like that every day. She wants all the children to achieve and become the best that they can be. I have not met anyone that has a bad word to say about her, parents or children alike.

She is so highly respected because it’s obvious just how much she cares about the children.

The teachers my daughter has come into contact with are so nice. Children blossom when they attend Rydon school, so I say leave Rydon alone! It’s fine just as it is, thank you very much!

Tina Turnbull