Localism snubbed

HAVING seen the list of those attending the Localism Act Conference in East Grinstead, it seems Horsham District Council is not going to be attending.

Unlike other councils, for example parish councils like North Horsham and Bognor Town Council, it appears that HDC has little interest in engaging with its own community.

In my view HDC’s antics over the Old Town Hall are continuing. I feel it eventually rejected the Blue Flash Music Trust’s winning community bid in 2006 simply because it didn’t like the community taking the initiative, and doing something for themselves.

This was further proved when the council refused us the right to set up a town council. Instead it seemed that HDC wanted to retain its disproportionate and insecure power by showing who was ‘boss’, and it continues to ignore the wishes of those who pay for it.

The result of its actions has been a huge waste of tax payers’ money. For over two years now HDC has shown that it would rather keep the Old Town Hall empty than have it available for community use, and therefore the benefit the local economy and the residents of Horsham district.

It seems that Horsham District Council is not only out of touch with its people, it is also out of touch with the progressive policies of its own Government.

Sadly Horsham MP Francis Maude continues to bury his head in the sand on this issue, despite originally being the minister in charge of the success of the Government’s ‘Big Society‘ policy, and despite saying some time ago the he thought the Old Town Hall should be kept for the people of Horsham.


Carfax, Horsham