LETTERS: Wonderful town now under threat

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Please listen to the voices of the people who live in Horsham and moved here for its character/non-concrete jungle ambience.

I have lived here since 1981 and been visiting Horsham since 1964. These expansion plans will 100 per cent totally and utterlychange the face of this wonderful old market town. The plans are not progress for the people of Horsham in any way shape or form.

Why after 32 years of living here should I now (in my mid-60s) feel I will have to move? Why does a council feel it has the power to change Horsham SO much? It is criminal – no other description would cover it.

Crawley is gradually encroaching on Horsham – something we have all feared for years. Crawley is not somewhere people in Horsham flock to visit and shop in – it is a soulless town. People need to know and be made aware far quicker of what is happening to their area.

Or maybe the newspapers need to be headlining every planning application now - seems they will need to. I see that the County Times has given the planned expansion a good amount of exposure and well may they continue – they at least listen to the people of Horsham and surrounding area.

I hope a serious long hard look at the long term damage these proposed plans are going to make is made. Forget the monetary gains – that is not why you were elected in to run the council for the people of this town and surrounding area – you were elected to help not destroy.


Old Millmeads, Horsham