LETTERS: Wholly objective and reasonable

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Is councillor Ray Dawe living in a parallel universe, to the rest of us? (See: ‘Comment on strategy must be objective and reasoned’ - WSCT Oct 3.)

Residents comments on the council’s consultation portal are virtually ALL vehemently objecting to the proposals to develop the area north of Horsham bypass, and for very good reasons.

Mr Dawe states in his article that the ‘gap between Crawley and Horsham is not being narrowed’. What utter tosh that statement is, and everybody knows it.

Nearly all the now 500-plus comments are wholly objective and reasonable and convey the real and quite tangible fear now rising among the people of Horsham and the wider area that what is being proposed is going to be very, very, bad for them, their children, and grandchildren. This, unfortunately is the real truth of the matter.


Greenacres Ring, Angmering