LETTERS: Praise for WSCT facilitating debate

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Sometimes I fear those elected to govern on our behalf (whether district or county or Parliament) forget a basic principle of democracy - for the people, on behalf of the people, by the people.

Probably once elected into power, that success overcomes the premise that they are a servant of the people, not a despot; unbelievable maybe but I have lived with military dictatorships that could be more responsive to the will of the people than our elected representatives!

However we, at least in Sussex, have the good fortune to live with a free press that is sufficiently wise to offer an open forum for all rational, whether realistic or idealistic, points of view, whilst forming an opinion and presenting a balanced perspective.

None more so is this so important than the issue of the ‘development’ on the beautiful land north of the A264, by a foreign company with, understandably but not acceptable to us,the prime motive of profit irrespective of it adversely affects the local populace from now and into the furthest reaches of the future.

Consequently you deserve so much praise for continuing to give valuable space in every recent issue of the County Times to the ongoing anger against the rape of our environment.

May we hope every person, or couples/families, who have written to you also send their written objections to The Strategic Planning Team, Horsham District Council, Park North, Horsham.

Hopefully the will of the people will prevail and the ‘The Horsham District Planning Framework Preferred Strategy’ will be amended (or should we say corrected ?).


Fay Road, Horsham