LETTERS: MP’s involvement is now required

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I have written the following letter to Horsham MP Francis Maude regarding development in North Horsham (north of A264).

Dear Sir,

In response to your column in the 26th September County Times that you consider that all decisions regarding housing development in North Horsham are solely a matter for the local Horsham District Council I would make the following comments.

This housing issue has been described as a mandate to Horsham District Council, under 2012 National Planning Policy Framework, specified from central government and local councillors such as Claire Vickers have openly admitted that these ‘decisions’ on development are set by Central Government and must go ahead and therefore are not offering any significant opposition.

Without any local government willingness to challenge such directives it calls on our local MPs in Central Government to make the views and concerns of the residents of the locality known to whatever central authority is setting these requirements.

I would ask you to take into account the strong local opposition to these plans and to represent our opinions to the respective planning authorities within Central Government. In my view the local council is hiding behind Central Government directives and are not being responsive to our concerns.

I would ask you to apply pressure in government on behalf of your constituents to satisfactorily resolve this extremely important issue.

It is certain that the local electorate will take account of local councillors’ activities and opinions on this issue at any forthcoming elections but we must ensure that no irreversible actions are taken in the meantime.

Your involvement is required on this very important matter for the future of the Horsham area.


Langhurstwood Road, Horsham