Letters: Intolerable strains

WEST of Crawley, Faygate, north of Horsham, west of Horsham, south of Broadbridge Heath, south of Southwater, west of Southwater, Billingshurst, Pulborough, the list of planning applications, approved or in the pipeline marches on and on.

In Southwater many of us are fighting to save yet more agricultural land from developers’ destruction of our environment, displacing food producing farmers to build houses that are not required in an area that is now designated as suffering from drought.

Horsham District Council soldiers blindly on, approving more and more greenfield development.

Councillors, rather than serving us, appear to be serving their planning department which recommends acceptances with monotonous regularity - asserting in Southwater’s case that a 550 house development ‘would NOT alter the character of Southwater to its detriment’.

What absolute utter rubbish! We all know that there IS a shortage of modest starter homes that first time buyers can afford and it would be short-sighted to oppose all development, but, in the main, the housing proposed will draw in people from outside the area putting intolerable strains on water, sewage and transport infrastructure.

We need to fight for the Horsham Distrct to prevent the remorsless degradation of our area with huge social, health, evironmental, ecological and economical implications.

It IS madness and as well as ‘Saving Southwater’, ‘Saving Sussex’ and ‘Saving the South-East’ now becomes a priority for all of us that care about our future.