Letters: ‘disgusting’ performance

REGARDING Chichester district councillors’ allowances (County Times, December 29), Peter Homer wrote a similar article in your sister paper, The Observer, to which I commented.

Some of the critical quotes such as that by councillor Ransley stating that ‘there were some members for whom the allowance was an essential financial necessity to take part in the council’s work’ were not included in this article in the County Times.

All these councillors stood for election last year and if they considered the remuneration was not adequate they should not have put themselves up for election.

Would we have elected them if they revealed they would require an increase in remuneration ‘to continue to take part in the council’s work’.

Are councillors with such an irresponsible attitude towards costs and possible savings the quality of operative we wish to charge with managing the council’s budget of some £26m?

Your article suggests that councillor Ransley might be the only member of the Conservative group supporting these increases. Is this the case?

There were quotes in the article in The Observer, that the decision was ‘not political’, ie, all parties supported the issue of increased payments. Again is this correct?

The cavalier attitude regarding responsibility allowances appears to be, we have saved money by removing three members, so let’s divide that up amongst ourselves rather than make a contribution to reducing our council tax.

It was also suggested in the article in The Observer that some councillors may have refused to accept the increase, which is nice to hear. Who were these? We could vote for these next time and throw out the rest.

Not many years ago this job, councillor, was considered to be a vocation and UNPAID. Now they are paid, do we get better quality members? I don’t think so.

What would most of us give for a ten per cent increase to salary or pension, let alone 40 per cent?

One quote was that if we do not pay this ‘recompense’, ‘we will not attract new and younger members’. Then again we might get all you lot, again, if you don’t show your true colours at election time.

All in all I find this performance disgusting.