LETTER: Youngsters enjoy playing bowls

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Your letters

Please, please don’t close our ‘growing’ bowls club!

This club means so much to so many people. Most people think bowls is for older people but that’s not the case here at Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club.

I am a member of the Junior Section which after only two years has brought lots more younger people into this great sport.

Every week we look forward to our Saturday morning bowls. The wonderful members who take the Junior Section are very passionate about bowls and make it lots of fun and are keen for us to progress too.

Several of us are often invited to play in matches, which we all thoroughly enjoy as we are made to feel very welcome and very much a part of the team.

Most of the teams that are invited for matches don’t even have a Junior Bowls section and they love the fact that Horsham are encouraging young people to start up bowls - we’re leading the way!

Lots of money has been spent on the bowls club over the last three years making it the best bowls club around.

Don’t waste this money by knocking it down, we need it.

So you see, Horsham bowls is for both the young and the old. If you decide to close the bowls club we no longer have a reason to look forward to our Saturday mornings and the other members will miss their regular social meetings too!

Please don’t close it!


Kempshott Road, Horsham