Letter: Years of disruption

‘COUNCIL and Sainsbury’s clash over Forum floods’ (County Times, January 12). And still it goes on.

How can it be that a major repair project in the centre of Horsham can be so ineptly managed? How can our elected representatives together with paid, and supposedly professional, officials placidly accept what has been going on for two years or more?

While I can appreciate relationships between client and contractor can get tense, this ‘pass the parcel’ of responsibility for the project beggars belief and this is after three years of disruption.

Has the responsibility issue just surfaced? Surely either HDC or Sainsbury’s commissioned Carillion or its subcontractors to undertake the work and with such action goes responsibility.

Likewise, somebody must have been paying the contractors over the last two years or so. Either directly or through insurers.

Perhaps the County Times might consider raising the following points with HDC under the Freedom of Information Act:

Establish initial reasons for flooding, responsible party, proposed remedy, cost involved and time frame for solution.

Reasons for delay of project through to 2011 and reasons for further disruption and action to be taken to resolve.

Details of all meeting between HDC and contractors and Sainsbury’s.

Number of on site visits by HDC and responses to any concerns raised.

As regards the repair work required for the steps leading to Sainsbury’s, there seems little point in having a sign prohibiting skate boarding without the means or intention to enforce it.


Tower Hill, Horsham