LETTER: Wrong to charge Blue Badge users

My 86 year old father went to Horsham Hospital to visit it friend. He is disabled and has a Blue Badge displayed on his car.

He parked in a disabled bay but on return found he had a penalty charge on his car.

On making enquiries I have found that even with a Blue Badge, if you are displaying road tax you need to pay to park in this hospital.

My father was unaware of this and did not see or read any signs, as he rightly assumed that a marked disabled bay was an invitation for a badge holder to park. I also believe that a marked bay implies that you can park for free.

It is not easy to get a Blue Badge, and rightly so. I believe the operators of this car park to be morally wrong to over-rule a Blue Badge with petty rules designed to raise revenue.

I can think of no other car park that does this to elderly disabled people.


Reedham Crescent, Cliffe Woods, Rochester