Letter: Worst excesses tempered by coalition

OH DEAR, Mr Circus is at it again. This time revealing an almost adolescent crush on Mrs Thatcher!

Many of us do not share his view or adulation of probably the most divisive politician in UK politics of the last 200 years.

From her economic policy, based purely on the use of interest rates which peaked at over 15 per cent, to her pronouncements that ‘there is no such thing as Society’, to the Toxteth and Brixton riots resulting from her social policies, the decimation of mining communities in South Wales, the Midlands and North East, her incompetence at foreign policy which resulted in an unnecessary war, costing many lives on both sides to her programme of privatisation and deregulation of the City, we are still suffering the consequences of her tenure today!

Even members of her own Cabinet had severe reservations about her leadership, policy and direction.

A well respected, One Nation Tory, Sir Ian Gilmore, expressed his concern in his excellent book ‘Dancing with Dogma’.

The title says it all. Mr Circus would do well to read that and other histories of the consequences of the Thatcher era before eulogising the Lady.

Thank goodness that the worst excesses of the Tory right wing and the pressure for even more rampant Thatcherism are being tempered by the current Coalition.