Letter: Winners and losers

IN YOUR report of the Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham by-election result (County Times, February 23) you say that ‘Mr Tribe [the UKIP candidate] upped his share of the vote from eight per cent in May [2011] to 27 per cent”. This is wrong.

The maths is a bit complicated because the Tories fielded two candidates in May 2011 while the other parties had only one candidate each. If you take the total number of votes cast in 2011, then Mr Tribe got eight per cent of the vote.

If you take an average of the votes cast for the two Tory candidates, then Mr Tribe got nearly 12 per cent. This increased to 14.7 per cent in 2012, a much more modest increase than stated in your article.

In fact it was the Liberal Democrat candidate Ian Shepherd who got 27 per cent of the vote in the by-election, an increase of either 11.5 per cent or 2.6 per cent depending on which way you want to figure it.

The Green Party was the big losers among the opposition parties, its share of the vote falling by either five per cent or ten per cent. But they still beat the Labour Party into last place.


Station Road, Southwater