LETTER: Will voters reject spin and deception?

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Your letters

Those who suffered in the May Elections may not have enjoyed the recent exchange in your letters column, about the sort of country that we want to live in.

Just to recap, Lib Dem and Tory votes fell by around 60 per cent and 40 per cent respectively, between the 2009 and 2013 County Council elections, whilst the UKIP vote increased by 170 per cent. Many voters will have lost respect for the three main parties, due to their reliance on spin and deception and because there is little clear water between their centre ground, PC policies.

Since becoming its leader, Mr Cameron ‘modernised’ his party, equating the isolation of ‘backwoodsmen’ (later ‘swivel eyed loons’) to Labour Party ‘outsiders’, sidelined, when Blair moved to the centre. In the process Cameron abandoned a number of key Tory values, alienating many party members, who then abandoned him.

Many perceive that Parliament is increasingly subservient to un-elected EU commissioners, whilst un-elected Planning Inspectors continue to bypass Local Authorities and Localism. Consequently they have become disillusioned with our political regime.

Of course voters dislike being treated with contempt by career politicians, many with limited experience in the real world, who often appear inept.

Indeed, Mr Cameron has again insulted voters’ intelligence, by promising them an EU referendum in 2017, when it is clear that the Tories won’t get a majority and when his previous promise (of a Referendum) remains unfulfilled.

Whilst some politicians seem to pay lip service to the idea, others are overtly out to block a referendum, whilst the long-term economic decline of the Eurozone continues. Its chronic problems increase the likelihood of civil unrest or even war, as seen in Spain where they are raising the temperature in Gibraltar, to divert attention from their own problems.

The one-size-fits-all monetary system will not work without Political and Monetary Union, which is where the Euro train is headed. Anyone who believes we can passively resist being sucked into that Union, should consider what the UK has already lost, without our consent.

The un-elected of Brussels will of course be delighted at the prospect of a Con/Lab or Lib/Lab coalition and at Mr Cameron’s preparations for a Con/Lib one. They know that such a coalition would be unlikely to resist their drive towards political union.

The key question is, will voters passively accept that our Parliament should become increasingly redundant? Or will they continue the trend that they started in May, by electing MPs who doggedly seek to regain control of our destiny, through a meaningful Referendum?

They can reject the diet of spin and deception fed to them, by electing a majority of Eurosceptic MPs in 2015. Or they can leave their fate in the hands of the main parties and become one of many states, in a Soviet Republic of Europe. They may not get another opportunity to get off the train.


(UKIP) Horsham district councillor for Chanctonbury ward, North Street, Horsham