LETTER: Will the turkeys vote for Christmas?

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Your letters

Councillor Circus suggests (WSCT 12/06/14), that ‘new legislation’ allows councils to return to the committee system, whereas that option was in fact introduced with the concept of Localism.

So, that legislation is not new and one wonders why it has only just come to his attention.

If some cabinet members would give their support to the need for change then we might see some real progress, assuming i) that the leader does not ‘whip’ the decision and ii) that a majority of cabinet members are ready to give up several thousands pounds each in allowances.

Would it perhaps be too cynical to assume that they might find it easier to promise to change closer to election time, when a number of them may expect to lose their seats in any event? Alternatively perhaps we can see some of those turkeys voting for Christmas early, explaining why they did not pursue the committee system option when it first became available?

Of course one councillor did relinquish a cabinet member’s allowance, early in 2013, but he had the courage to dissociate himself with the coalition parties a long time ago and clearly wasn’t in it for the money.

Perhaps the leader could let us know what he thinks, in his weekly column.

Neil Whitear

Chairman, UKIP Horsham Branch, Crawley Road, Horsham