LETTER: Will council cuts achieve savings?

Your letters
Your letters

The following letter has been sent to Tom Crowley, chief executive of Horsham District Council.

Dear Mr Crowley

Reading Joshua Powling’s article on page seven of the County Times of January 16, naturally leads one to ask you :

1.) What are the salary levels and job descriptions of the eight heads of service being axed (when)?

2.) Likewise for the new posts (how many?) to be introduced (when?) at operational management level focused on community and culture, housing, and economic development?

3.) How confident are you and the councillors that within the next three years the sum for redundancies will be recouped? (How about a small side bet?)

HDC is clearly already short staffed. This is particularly the case in anything to do with the draft Local Development Framework and, from my personal experience, in Planning.

For example, per my letter to you of 4 October 2013, we both know the Sport, Recreation and Open Space Study and The Landscape Capacity Study were very delayed.

I now find out the Brownfield Site study is still unavailable.

This time I hope you will reply to my letter. This was not the case in October.


Worthing Road, Horsham