LETTER: Why the rush to get plan through?

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The major modifications proposed by Cllr Vickers following the Inspector’s finding her housing plan ‘not sound’ at the council meeting on March 18 involved dumping at least 2,000 more homes in the north of the district.

But Cllr Vickers failed to have up to date population figures to put before the councillors to consider. Why? These were released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in February.

Rightly, a motion was proposed to adjourn the meeting for just three weeks to have that information before councillors so as to satisfy them as to whether 2,000 houses are needed or not.

This motion was defeated by only a handful of votes. Several of the public speakers asked why the rush to get this plan pushed through with the public consultation before the election?

After May 7 there will be a new council and it is in that council’s gift to look at all matters afresh, including the strategic site allocations. North Horsham can be deleted thus preserving the Strategic Gap.

So could that be the reason for the rush? The scaremongering about the dangers of delay has been a constant theme of Cllr Vickers and her Gang – and now they appear to have found a seat for Cllr Helena Croft to fight at the election following her own Conservative Association dumping her last month.


New Moorhead Drive, Horsham