LETTER: Why no battle for Localism?

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Your letters

A recent letter from Mr Price, rightly bemoans the centralisation of Government, no doubt including undemocratic decisions by unaccountable quangos, such as the un-elected Planning Inspectorate.

When councils fail to meet impossible housing (five-year land supply) targets, that Inspectorate can over-ride their judgement on planning applications, which is why we have seen so much building on green field land.

One councillor (who is not a Lib Dem or a Tory) continues to lobby the Planning Minister to allow targets to be adjusted for economic factors, whilst other councillors do not seem to want to confront the issue.

Indeed the council’s Planning Framework does not even attempt to qualify the unattainable 20 year target of 650 per annum, against economic effects and it leaves the district vulnerable to even more indiscriminate development.

The question for residents is, why do most councillors not want to fight for the Localism Bill that we were promised, when our greenfields are so vulnerable?


Arun Road, Billingshurst