LETTER: Who will restore former glory?

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Your letters

I love Horsham, I am passionate about my town, I spent many years travelling in the UK and overseas.

When I moved here in 1987 I knew I would not want to leave. Only this week The Times newspaper said Horsham was the second best place to live in the UK (Bridport, Dorset was first).

But having had a walk around the town the other evening I now feel quite sad about my town, for these reasons:

1) having to pay to park at 7pm - how on earth does this mean-spirited idea encourage people into the town and help the businesses.

2) West Street (our High Street) has had its soul removed, it could be anywhere!

3) Our lovely green and gold street furniture all needs cleaning and painting plus someone thought it was the right thing to do by removing the matching green/gold signposts and replace them with BLUE modern signs that would look alright on London’s South Bank! but not in a traditional market town.

4) The town centre needs a good clean, and needs weeding. With the elections looming, my vote will go to the party that will restore our town to its former glory, before it’s too late!

Steve Swain

Ryecroft Drive, Horsham