Letter: Where is the enforcement?


I note with interest the piece in last week’s County Times (12/4/18, p.18) headed “New powers to curb anti-social behaviour”, in which the new Public Spaces Protection Orders are described.

These are excellent in principle, protecting communities against anti-social behaviour, graffiti, littering etc. But, where is the enforcement?

Your report lists police officers, neighbourhood wardens and some council officers as responsible for enforcement. The police, due to cutbacks, have long been absent from our streets.

Council officers are unlikely to have time to patrol the streets. And the neighbourhood wardens, although partly financed by the district council, are employed by the parishes and not every parish has decided to employ them. My own parish for example, North Horsham, has decided not to have neighbourhood wardens, even though it covers a large urban area. So, for parts of Horsham district, these PSPOs are, in practice, likely to be totally ineffective, which is very disappointing.

Stephen D Watts