LETTER: Where are 4,000 jobs coming from?

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The enticing headline is 4,000 jobs will be created on the proposed North Horsham development. The other that this is a ‘green vision’.

If these were 4,000 NEW jobs created for this country then it would be great and the intrusion into the countryside might not be such a bitter pill.

Despite a number of letters to Liberty I have not had a response to the simple question how many of these jobs will be completely new jobs rather than relocated jobs?

However, these will almost certainly not be new jobs, they will as the spokes person from the Crawley Diamond trumpeted, that these will be jobs relocated by companies clamouring to move into the Horsham area.

We see what has happened in Horsham with the case of Sun Alliance, when hundreds of jobs were relocated away from a town. Somewhere in the country buildings will become vacant, people, who are unable to relocate, will be made redundant. Local businesses dependent on the health of the local economy are also closed down.To what end? Purely to enable a multi-national company to reap a vast profit.

HDC’s rates income will increase and somewhere a council will lose their rates income.

Perhaps Liberty’s ‘green vision’ is actually the vision of the shiny green ivy engulfing and consuming vacant office buildings which were probably built on greenfield sites within the last couple of decades.

The building of these, soon to be redundant offices, required huge volumes of material and energy which is all wasted and yet more energy and material is consumed replicating those buildings in Horsham.

Local and national government should require developers to provide clear evidence that jobs are new and not recycled.

Consideration should be given not only to the impact on Horsham but the impact on the communities from where these 4,000 jobs are being removed.

With the closure of Novartis and the massive downsizing of Sun Alliance HDC is one council which should have a grasp of the impact on relocation.

So, Liberty, where are these 4,000 jobs actually coming from?


New Moorhead Drive, Horsham